All things Pipedrive

  • Pipedrive Consulting

  • Pipedrive Setup

  • CRM Data Migration

  • Pipedrive Customization

  • Automation Workflows

  • Configuring Filters and Views

  • Leads Assignment

  • Zapier Integration

  • 3rd Party App Integration

Data visualization using Tableau


Think data, think dashboards!

Let your data talk to you with Business Intelligence tools like Tableau, PowerBI, Google Data Studio, etc. and data visualization tools like Infogram, Visme, Canva, etc.

  • Business Presentations

  • Business Insights

  • Static Dashboards

  • Interactive Dashboards

  • Dynamic Dashboards


Making sense of your business data

Any data on hand is a landmine of opportunities.

Data transformation, data integration, and data analytics are a few of the many things that you can start with to uncover hidden insights in your business.

  • Excel-based Custom Tools

  • Dashboard Design

  • Spreadsheet Modeling

  • Data Cleansing & Validation

  • Data Transformation

  • Data Integration & Consolidation

  • Data Deduplication


Address everyday challenges in your business

Your business won’t let you sleep peacefully at night!

Think of business problems that you’re facing today, and I will help you either solve it or find somebody who can solve it for you.

  • Value Proposition Design

  • Business Model Design

  • Revenue Model Design

  • Business & Strategy Consulting

  • Marketing & Sales Consulting

  • Customized Tools & Utilities

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