Cash Flow (Income Expense) Tracker in Google Sheets

Cash Flow (Income Expense) Tracker in Google Sheets

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The simplest cash flow manager to manage the day-to-day income and expense transactions in your business or your personal life.

This workbook has a tab for:

  • Dashboard to show total projected monthly inflow and outflow
  • Separate tabs for logging individual invoices (income) and purchase orders (expenses)
  • Separate tab to list invoices and purchases orders that are due

You can customize this workbook to include new columns.

This is not a cash flow statement template, but it's something more useful for managing cash.

Deliverable: A link to a version of the template in Google Sheets that you can make your own.

Inspiration: This workbook was developed based on my consulting engagements with medium-sized businesses to help them manage their day-to-day financial operations.

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