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Pipedrive: Ensure Important Fields Completion using Workflow Automation

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

When it comes to sales data, some data is more important than other data. As with any business, sales insights help guide future sales decisions. These important sales data points are crucial to finding sales insights. Learn how you can capture important sales data using Workflow Automation in Pipedrive.


All data points are equal, but some data points are more equal than others.

This is especially true for sales data.

The management and sales leaders use sales data points to find sales insights. Depending on the data points captured for a sale, one can answer a variety of questions:

  • Which sales channel works better than the others?

  • What does the sales forecast look like?

  • What is the average sale value?

  • What is the average sale closing time?

Important fields help you find missing pieces of the puzzle

Pipedrive makes it extremely easy to mark these data fields as important. In the newly designed Data fields layout, you can visually locate IMPORTANT fields.

Data Fields in Pipedrive

You can edit any field and mark it as IMPORTANT at the individual pipeline-level.

Marking a field important in Pipedrive

These IMPORTANT fields then show up prominently in the Deal detail view, at the top, for the sales team to fill out.

Important Fields in Deal detail view

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Salespeople are extremely busy. They are closing sales so your business can survive. It's easy to overlook these prompts to fill out IMPORTANT fields once you're used to the CRM interface. After all, you see these prompts all the time and your eyes are trained over time to ignore them. Moreover, empty fields don't stop a salesperson from doing anything else in the system. And that's where the problem is.

The important fields help you make informed business decisions. If these fields are not filled it doesn't help anybody.

You can never tell what works and what doesn't work.

  • Is it your product line that is holding you back from making more sales?

  • Are you spending money on the wrong advertising channels?

  • Do you increase the product prices, or should you increase the number of sales or both?

  • Is your pipeline looking strong enough? Should you increase your advertising spend to make it strong?

These are important questions that cannot remain unanswered. You need to find a solution for having your sales team fill out these important fields.


Pipedrive's Workflow Automation comes to the rescue.

Basic automation to inform salespeople

Create a workflow automation that will check if a deal's important fields are empty.

If any of the important fields are empty, make the automation shoot an email to the deal owner.

The deal owner has no option but to update these details. It is the only way to stop receiving the same email for the same deal again in the future.

Workflow Automation Definition

  • Trigger: Deal updated

  • Condition: IMPORTANT FIELD X is empty OR IMPORTANT FIELD Y is empty OR ....

  • Action: Send email to Deal Owner

Making the automation salespeople-friendly

It can get annoying for a salesperson to receive an email for every deal. That too regardless of the stage in the pipeline. For sales conversion insights, it is helpful to have this information filled. It is more so for deals that are further down the pipeline stages. This information wouldn't help much for deals in the early stages of the pipeline.

Also, receiving this email for just about any update to the deal details can be annoying too.

You can, thus, add a condition to trigger this automation. You can check if the Deal stage has changed and if the deal is in one of the lower stages in the pipeline.

Also, don't test if the deal is in one of many lower pipeline stages. It is logically efficient to check if the deal is NOT in one of the earlier stages of the pipeline.

Revised Workflow Automation Definition

Condition for Workflow Automation in Pipedrive

This refinement will ensure that the sales team is not bombarded with emails. They will be asked to fill out the necessary information for deals that are closer to a sale.


When it comes to capturing accurate sales data, the sales team can be your best ally. They can help you capture the right information if the process is simple and fool-proof. While doing you have to ensure that you're making this process less frustrating for them. Such simple improvements can improve your sales efficiency. It will also give you insights that will help shape your business.

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