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Interactive Country Maps of the World

Updated: Mar 12, 2020


This project is an attempt to visualize the provincial data of each country in the world. Since the post can be a really long one, use Find function (Control + F) in your browser to find the country you'd like to see the provincial data for.

Requests for visualization

If you can't find the country you'd like to see the provincial data for on this page, you can email me with the name of the country you'd like to see, along with a link to the data source if you have any preferences.


The original source for data for all of these maps is Wikipedia. After thorough research, the provincial or state-level data for each country is pulled into a Google Sheets document using IMPORTHTML function in Google Sheets.

Once in Google Sheets, the data is massaged to remove references in the data for a cleaner look and feel of the final input data table.

Each of these Google Sheets documents is then visualized in Tableau Public. The advantage of using Google Sheets with Tableau is that you don't have to edit the connection every time the data changes.

In Tableau, the map of the country is shaded by the states or provinces. The metric to decide the color density of the maps could be one among many metrics that are available in the data from Wikipedia. For instance, the interactive map for Canada has the provision to shade the map by the following metrics:

  • Population

  • Area (km2) - Land

  • Area (km2) - Water

  • Area (km2)

  • Seats - Commons

  • Seats - Senate

These metrics can be selected using a dropdown menu: Select Metric. The legend for color density indicates the lowest and the highest values for the selected metric.


  • Google Sheets

  • Tableau Public

Snapshots of an Interactive map of Canada

Repository of Interactive Country Maps

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