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How to use Filter Views in Google Sheets

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

I considered myself a Power User of Google Sheets until I found that this feature has existed in Google Sheets for more than a year now.

When you use data filters in a Google Sheets spreadsheet to filter rows of your interest, other collaborators working with the same data also have to ‘deal’ with the filtered view of the data that you created.

So that begs a couple of questions:

  1. Can you truly collaborate in Google Sheets when such constraints exist?

  2. Can you view the data of your interest without troubling other team members who are sharing the same Google Sheets spreadsheet with you?

I have faced this exact challenge ever since I switched from Microsoft Excel to Google Sheets a couple of years ago. I have worked under this constraint since then and I thought a solution to this problem didn’t exist. Although this challenge has led me to find some alternative solutions that work very well for me today (which could be a story for another day).

How to use Filter Views in Google Sheets to Collaborate

Using Filter Views in Google Sheets, you can now filter the data, without it affecting what any of your other collaborators see in their version of the spreadsheet.

So whenever you would like to create a view that doesn’t affect anybody else, simply filter the data and save it as a Filter View with a name of your liking.

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