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How to Override Browser Keyboard Shortcuts in Google Sheets

Updated: Dec 21, 2019

Google Sheets power users already knew of this trick, and if you didn’t, you will be one step closer to becoming one.

If you have tried using MS Excel shortcuts in Google Sheets, you would have noticed that some of those shortcuts actually play themselves out in the browser application, instead of playing themselves out in Google Sheets. Deleting or adding a column/row, for example.

Notice how, in the video, the keyboard shortcuts, Control + ‘+’ and Control + ‘-‘, zoom in and zoom out in the browser window, instead of adding or deleting a row or a column.

Overriding Browser Keyboard Shortcuts in Google Sheets

Google Sheets now allows you to override browser shortcuts and you can learn how to do it in this video.

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#GoogleSheets #hacks #productivity #tips

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