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How to Freeze Panes in Google Sheets the easy way

Updated: May 20, 2020

After using Microsoft Excel for over 6 years, transitioning to Google Sheets was extremely challenging for me.

The lack of support for keyboard shortcuts was the biggest challenge and I learned to live with it. The fact that Google Sheets now supports many such shortcuts is a story for another day, but a bigger pain point was dealing with features that would work differently in MS Excel and Google Sheets.

One such feature is Freeze Panes in Google Sheets.

Anyone who has tried to freeze panes in the two applications knows how fundamentally different the implementation is in the two. Not to forget the fact that Google Sheets doesn’t have a shortcut to freeze panes either.

But Google Sheets did something far better. They made freezing panes much simpler with this handy trick.

You can now completely skip the part where you need to learn how to freeze panes in Google Sheets with the help of their View menu.

If you thought you needed keyboard shortcuts for this in Google Sheets, just watch this to see how a simple drag-and-drop can make it easier.

Freeze panes in Google Sheets by dragging column and row headers

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