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Glide Apps Template: Digital Menu for Restaurants

Updated: Feb 28

If you're a restaurateur, you can quickly create a Digital Menu mobile application for your restaurant using this Glide Apps template.


The new normal is going to be drastically different. Unless I am totally wrong about the new normal. Some people will risk going out. At the very least, they will want to go to places that care about hygiene. This is especially true for restaurants.


When eating out, diners would want to minimize touching things they don’t have to. One such avoidable thing is menus in restaurants. There has to be a way for restaurateurs to create digital menus for their restaurants.


Enter Glide Apps.

Demo of a digital menu mobile application for restaurants
Digital Menu Mobile Application for Restaurants

With Glide Apps, you can easily create a mobile app using a simple Google Sheets document.


Once you purchase this template:

  • Open the Google Sheets document associated with the template

  • Add the dishes from your menu to the Google Sheets document

  • Customize the labels of categories in your menu

  • Customize the app in the Glide Apps builder

Live App Demo and Purchase Link: Digital Menu for Restaurants


A few benefits of having a digital menu are:


  • No more wasteful printing of menus when introducing changes to the menu

  • Restaurants don’t have to invest in expensive tablets/phones


  • Show your diners what the dishes look like with pictures

  • Allow your diners to easily browse the menu by courses, food preferences, cuisines, etc.

  • Display the nutritional information of the dishes in the digital menu app

  • Allow customers to leave reviews for their favorite dishes

  • Show the day’s specials, the most popular dishes as separate lists

  • Allow diners to sort and filter menu based on their preferences


  • Diners can open the digital menu app using a QR code or a URL to browse the menu on their own phones, tablets, computers

  • Diners can place orders within the app, thus eliminating the need for staff to physically take orders from diners (not part of the template)


In the new normal, restaurateurs have to build trust with their diners. The process of building trust will be quicker if the restaurateurs can grab low-hanging fruits like launching digital menus. Initiatives like these will show diners that restaurants care about their well-being.

Don't wait.

Launch a digital menu for your restaurant in minutes.

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