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Disabling New Activity Popup in Pipedrive

Updated: Oct 6

Pipedrive now has a solution to disable the New Activity popup when an activity is marked done. While I am a firm believer in always keeping it on, there are businesses that use automation to create activities automatically.

In this post, we look at how to arrive at a win-win situation when it comes to disabling the activity popups for salespersons, and still ensuring deals don't fall through the cracks.

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How it works

Pipedrive announced this feature with the following screenshot. You can see that you can set the auto activity popup in a few ways:

  1. Always off

  2. Always on

  3. Always on for specific pipelines

When you turn it off, your team will never see the activity popup when they mark their activities as done. When you keep it on only for specific pipelines, the activity popup will be disabled for the rest of the pipelines.

Building a safety net

If you use this feature to disable the popups, some deals will eventually fall through the cracks. The sales team is always advised to work from the Activities tab. If your team is using this option, inadvertently, the sales team will sometimes miss scheduling activities for open deals. And because the activities are not scheduled, the deals will never close because the activities against them are not in their 'to-do' list.

You can create a filter in the Deals tab to show all the open deals that do not have an activity scheduled in the future. But this requires the sales team members to visit this filter at least once a day.

I had a eureka moment yesterday, where I found a solution which involves using Zapier with a filter in the Deals view.

Essentially, you create a filter in the Deals view with the following conditions:

  • Deal Status is Open

  • Deal Activities to do is 0

  • Deal Last activity date is earlier than yesterday

In Zapier, create a ZAP with the following settings:

Trigger: Deal Matching Filter in Pipedrive

Action: Create Activity in Pipedrive

I suggest creating a different activity type to draw the sales person's attention.


I wish that the popups setting should also allow selecting users, user groups, and activities.


  • Show popups after activity completion only for members A, B and not for C, D.

  • Show popups after activity completion only for calls but not for emails.


A number of users have been requesting this feature for a while now. While I fundamentally disagree with disabling the popup, I do believe that the users should have the ability to customize their use of the platform. With this much-requested feature coming out soon, users will feel that Pipedrive is indeed listening to their feedback.

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