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Counting Unique Values in a List

Updated: Dec 21, 2019

Problem and Dataset

I recently had a client who wanted a quick way to count the number of unique values in a list. In the following case, the number of unique names in the data in column A.

Counting Unique Values in a List
Counting Unique Values in a List


The general format of the formula is:


How it Works

The trick is in knowing how the formula actually works.

If you evaluate the formula, this is what you get:


  1. The formula counts the number of instances of each name in the list (7; 7; 7; ….), and stores the count in an array.

  2. 1/Array creates fractions for each value in the list.

  3. SUMPRODUCT then sums up the fractions for each name (7*1/7, 2*1/2, etc.) and gives you the number of 1s in the calculation.

Genius, I say!


1. Count unique values in a range with COUNTIF

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